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Communist University has three sections. The principal part of the CU is indexed in full on this home page, below.
The other sections are the half-day Political School modules and the Special Purpose courses.
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CU Ten-Part Study-Circle Courses (16)

11 Basics

12 National Democratic Revolution

13 Development

14 No Woman, No Revolution

15 Karl Marx, Capital Volume 1

16 Lenin’s The State and Revolution

17 Anti-Imperialism, War and Peace

18 Philosophy and Religion

19 Karl Marx, Capital, Volumes 2 and 3

20 African Revolutionary Writers

21 The Classics

22 Hegel

23 Education

24 Induction

25 Agitprop

26 Languages

The above 16 courses are serially posted, each year, on four different e-mail discussion groups (four courses per year, per group):
Communist University
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